A poetic interactive meditation

Take some time to settle and breathe.

Make sure you are comfortable, have no distractions, and have at least 15 minutes free.

Put on your headphones.


Cleanse the heart, cleanse the heart.


With fire? With light?

With light.

Light in the heart, what is light in the heart? And for what?

Ok, , light in the heart .

Something must burn.

How much light do you need?

So if something must burn, we need fire.

Fire needs 3 things:

  • fuel,
  • ignition,
  • air.

Ok, let’s start with the fuel. Choose something to burn.

Great, you chose your fuel: .

, as a veil, something to burn.

So we have the fuel. What is the ignition? What kindles the ?

Friction, suffering, pain caused by .

Choose the kind of pain caused by your .

Ok, so we have the fuel: .

And the ignition: .

Now, we just need the air.

Breathing, yes, but that’s your part, something you do.

But what is the actual air?

What is your inspiration?

Think of someone to pray to an ancestor to assist you someone from history who inspires you.

Got somebody?

So you breathe with thoughts of against the

It ignites the into an event.

Fire leaves ash, it leaves char.

Does that really cleanse you?

Fire is the transformation of the fuel, the , into heat and light.

The light is the energy potential, the trapped solar rays already in the fuel.

So the , the fuel, already contains light.

Perhaps underneath that is human desire?


So underneath your is your longing .

But you still have ash and char.

So, how do you wash away what’s left of your ?

We need water.

What is the water?

Where does this wave of come from?

In a fire, when it gets hot enough, the fuel molecules break apart, and the atoms of the fuel recombine with the oxygen to form water.

Fire creates water… if it gets hot enough. What else are you willing to sacrifice to make it hot enough?

So, you breathe with thoughts of

against the ,

igniting your and your into fire and light,

revealing your longing ,

creating a wave of ,

washing away the ash, the char.

Close your eyes and listen.